How To Use Live Chat for Lead Generation

Live Chat for Lead Generation

Live Chat for Lead GenerationAs businesses work to stay customers informed — in times of crisis and stability alike — using live chat for lead generation, additionally to customer support, is one among the simplest multi-purpose tools your business can currently cash in of.

Live chat can produce quite a 40% increase in overall website conversion rates, consistent with a 2020 study done by Forrester. That’s pretty significant once you consider that on the average , only about 2% of website visitors become leads.

However, albeit 67% of companies use live chat for customer support, only about 37% of them are using live chat for marketing purposes, including lead capture on their website.

Undoubtedly, there’s opportunity in live chat for lead generation to both significantly increase your revenue, and to urge out before your competition.

Here are 10 ways to try to to just that. These strategies are effective for businesses managing the high-communication environment of COVID-19, and beyond.

A website bot is like your website translated into a bot with highlighted features and visual menus.

Create a menu and ask the visitor what they’re trying to find . It’s better to make a guided conversation than to use open-ended text or to right away attempt to capture their contact information.

Possible menu information to add:

Blog link
Opt-in to subscription updates
Links to product or service description pages
More info on pricing
A way to urge in-tuned with customer service or sales

Use your captured data and analytics to your advantage

In order to drive the foremost leads possible from live chat, your live agents (and even your bots) should know who they’re lecture .

Combining auto-captured Messenger data, tags, notes, chat histories, custom variables and attributes, you’ll create rich customer profiles and audience segments that are bound to boost lead conversions.

Some key areas to specialise in are:

Traffic insights – Are you getting qualified visitors and leads? In your live chat dashboard, consider watching the referring link, number of visits, location, operating system/device, time on site, number of chats.
Product opportunities – Are people posing for belongings you don’t do? Use tags and add commonly asked for items to your product team lists.
Missed opportunities – Are people asking about belongings you clearly offer? It’s possible your website isn’t communicating this tolerably .
Top 10 FAQs –What are visitors commonest questions? believe how you’ll use your chatbot and/or website to deal with these questions better.
With White Label Chats chatbot analytics, you’ll accomplish all of the above, view visual reports of latest leads captured from web chat, monitor chatbot conversion form completions, and far more.

web chat leads reporting

Generate leads 24/7 with live chat support automation
You can use live chat for lead generation by utilizing automation tools when offline. However, you would like to think about your strategy when only your chatbot is out there to assist your website visitors.

If your chatbot can’t answer a visitors questions, and every one your chatbot does is enter for the kill, trying to capture a replacement lead, you’re forgetting to worry about the customer.

Instead, if you don’t have the resources to possess live agents 24/7, the balance is to supply a minimum of 5-7 FAQs in response to every question, with intent-based Q&A triggers.

Q&A live chat for lead generation chatbots are easy to create with the White Label Chats visual chatbot builder.

Some samples of common questions or phrases for your chatbot to acknowledge could be , “forgot my password” and “forgot my username.”

Q&A triggers make it easy to assign a talk experience to keywords or common visitor queries.

Alternatively, you’ll prefer to provide links on to resources on your website that address those issues.

Interestingly enough, if a customer question is just too complex, and that they can’t get the solution they’re trying to find this is often an excellent opportunity to use live chat for lead generation.

What you would like to try to to is use an exit statement. For example: “I’d like to get your question answered by one among our experts, who I’ll pass your details to, ASAP.”

From there, capture their contact information with a talk form and allow them to know that somebody will respond within a specified timeframe.

The best thanks to start using live chat and bots together is to possess your sales and merchandise teams handle support requests for a few month with the goal of build up your knowledge domain of questions and answers.

Then, you’ve got both a digital FAQ for your live chat solution to tug from, also as documentation to supply your support team.

Pre-chat surveys automatically ask your visitors some questions before the conversation starts.

If you don’t have already got the customer data, use your survey to invite a reputation , email address, and/or phone number .

Regardless of how the conversation ends, you have already got your visitor’s contact details and you’ll use it later for marketing and sales purposes.

The best part about using your white label chat solutions for agencies to conduct a survey is that you’re adding to a customer’s profile. Additionally, you’ll use that data to make audiences and inform future chatbot marketing follow-ups.

Engage visitors leaving your site or abandoning their cart
There are many reasons for cart abandonment. Perhaps the visitors didn’t find the knowledge they were trying to find or the shipping costs were too high.

But, what if the rationale was more trivial? like – the visitor put some items within the cart to return back and buy them later.

Regardless of the rationale you’ll make the simplest of each visit.

A chatbot can engage a visitor who tries to go away the web site or handcart and ask them some questions that’ll end in getting a lead, or some feedback, at the very least.

Use conversation routing, lead alerts, and live chat takeover

You never want to miss a hot lead.

So, as if live chat with chatbots weren’t versatile and powerful enough, lead notifications make them even more so.

Setting up lead notifications is fairly simple with the proper platform.

Optimize for user experience with mobile-friendliness and personalization
More than half all live chats come from mobile devices.

Web chat display rules and Messenger for web chat are perfect tools to supply website visitors an excellent user experience on any device.

Messenger chat is usually mobile-friendly for users, unlike many live chat applications.

Using White Label Chats, you’ll also set an internet chat widget to display on different sites , user devices, and to new and returning users with advanced display rules.

To display a special web chat widget greeting on a pricing page or a product page, a contact page or a shipping rate page, just create new web chat widgets for every scenario and set display rules accordingly.

This is how to use live chat for lead generation. If a visitor is spending an honest amount of your time on a selected product feature page on your site, you’ll found out triggers to instantly send them a message asking them if they’d like more information that feature, and learn more about what they’re thinking.

That information can now be wont to create personalized presentations of services via email, SMS, and retargeting ads. All of which may be fully automated on the White Label Chats platform.

Once you’ve got the lead, there’s tons more you’ll do.

While this specific scenario won’t directly apply to your business, the thought is that the same. Identify a key bottleneck in performance and utilize chatbot automation to capture otherwise lost revenue.

Start using live chat for lead generation today!
With White Label Chatsyou’ll use our lead generation bot template to save lots of yourself time and obtain your first campaign running.